This site is an advertising and listing site only.

We are not an online car lot and have nothing to do with titling or registering, nor do we get involved with the actual sales transaction of the vehicles.  Physical inspections of vehicle is up to the prospective buyer and seller.

We encourage you to use Carfax and other informational documents provided to get further details on a vehicle.  However the information we are gathering through the screening process will give an idea of personal habits of the care taker of the vehicle. This will allow you to get an even clearer picture of how the vehicle was cared for.

The site owner and employees don’t own any of the vehicles listed unless he or she is posting one of their own to sell as any other customer.  We do not make any commission from the sale of vehicles.  Money earned by this site are from the listing fees.  This is strictly an advertising site such as Auto Trader or

Not all vehicles listed are owned by Grannies.  This is a concept in an attempt to draw only well kept cars like a Granny would take care of them.  Therefore anyone can list as long as the vehicle meets the screening requirement.

Since there is no cost effective way of verifying every vehicle that is allowed to list on the site, the integrity of the Granny’s Car site depends on accuracy and honesty of the customer’s listings.

  1. Grannys Cars is a screening process being of questions to be used to seek out well-kept cars.

  2. All of the information requested on the prescreening form must be answered before considerations are given to list on the site.

  3. We are making every attempt to make sure we are listing only well kept vehicles.

  4. We reserve the right to deny any and all listings if pre-screening questions are not all answered, or the requirements are not met.

  5. The prescreening process is what we use to determine whether or not a vehicle will list. However since we are depending solely on the information sellers’ supply to us for the screening, we are not responsible for the condition of the vehicles the sellers have listed.  The integrity of this site is dependent upon sellers posting well-kept vehicles. In the event the vehicle has been misrepresented, we reserve the right to remove the listing and not return the listing fees. Ultimately THE SELLER is responsible for the condition of the listed vehicle.

  6. Buyers should contact sellers via the contact information provided by the seller.