Thank you for visiting this site. This site allows only well-kept vehicles to be sold.  You should be able to sell your vehicle more quickly because of the prescreening required for vehicles before they are posted on this site.

The process to list your vehicle is:

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2. Answer the Questions Below

3. List Your Car

- your vehicle is displayed with the other listed vehicles

- sell your vehicle


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Auto Initial Screening


You can list your car on Grannys Cars!

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When you add a car you must choose the category at the top of the form or else the ad will not save and you will need to start over.


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I'm sorry, your car isn't eligible to be listed on Grannys Cars.

We only accept vehicles that:

  • have less than 75,000 miles
  • the odometer is working
  • have never been in a flood
  • doesn't have any major damage

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